Friday, March 14, 2008


by Mai El-Sadany

Remember the most respected man throughout the years,Who made the purpose of life blatantly clear,Remember the kind, gentle face that always held a smile,An amazing countenance, a handsome profile,Remember the modest life he led and apparel he wore,The fulfilling cause and religion he would willingly die for,Remember his perseverance no matter what,The torture, the pain, the bloody bruises and cuts,Remember the strength of mind after his tribe's rejection,But, later, the sincere hearts he would easily win,Remember the kindness to his neighbors and enemies alike,After being bombarded with trash, thorns, and spikes,Remember his Hijrah away from his beloved home,Through deserts and caves, he then had to roam,Remember the anger management he always displayed,The genuine light from his face would never fade,Remember the starvation he had to face,Displaced from his family, home, and place,Remember the year of sadness when he lost,His beloved wife and uncle, worth more than all meager costs,Remember his honest ways and fair dealings,His disregard for worldly pleasures and things,Remember his respect for people of all creeds,Seeing to every less fortunate man's needs,Remember his playful nature with children,His heart clean, not blemished with any dark sins,Remember the ways he treated all of his family,His pure tongue released sincere words, always said truthfully,Remember his promised intercession on the Day of Judgement,"Ummati, Ummati" beautiful words, so heartfelt,For you, my true love, Rasulullah,May peace and blessings always shower upon you, Ya Mostafa.

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