Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Praise the Prophet (saw) Poetry winners 2008

***** F I R S T P L A C E W I N N E R *****
Zahra Saad, Age 12
Valley Stream, NY.

Divine Decree

Vanquishing falsehood, proclaiming the Truth,
Planting the seed of Iman, nurturing it’s fruit,
Extending it’s branches strengthening it’s root
With his message, sweeter than the melody of a flute.
Beckoning us closer to Allah,
Welcoming us under His Mohabbah
Calling us to His divine Rahmah,
Paving the path to Al-Jannah.
A guide to us all
With a heavenly call
Saving us from a treacherous fall
Into Jahannam’s fiery prison wall,
If we follow his way,
If the Prophet we obey
With each passing day,
We’ll never go astray.
The Rahmatul-lil-Alameen
Who struck our hearts with an angelic beam
He led us to Siratul-Mustaqeem
He was the servant of Allah Al-Azeem
Through following his Hadith and Sunnah,
By answering his Adhan to Al-Falah
We become true leaders of the Ummah,
The Ummah of Nabi-ullah.
He is the doorway to Allah’s love and mercy
Allah proclaimed in words full of supreme beauty,
“Say (O Muhammad!) If you love Allah, follow me.”
And thus, it was – the Divine Decree.

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