Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Rahmah Foundation Nov. 2008 event!

The Rahmah Foundation is pleased to announce a special two-day program for women on Saturday, November 29th and Sunday, November 30th! Our main speaker, Ustadha Eiman Sidky, is an amazing teacher whose love for Allah and the Prophet, peace be upon him, shines forth as she brings the seerah of our Beloved Prophet to life. She will take us on an intimate tour of the amazing life of our Beloved Prophet and his extraordinary wives, the Ummuhatul Mumineen. In addition, we are blessed to have talks by our guest speakers, Ustadha Shamira Chothia Ahmed and Ustadha Rania Awaad. Each of these teachers is a blessing in her own right, combined, we are sure to find tremendous benefit and blessings inshaAllah.

Program Details:

Embodying the Sunnah: A Sisters' Guide to Inspiration
November 29-30th, 10:00am--6:00pm
631 Jackson St. in Hayward, Ca 94544
Cost for both days: $40

Please share with other sisters who might be interested!

JazakumAllahu khayrun!!

An email from a sister:

Assalamu alaikum sisters. I think many of you might have heard of this program but i just wanted to send out a reminder and let you guys know that it is happening in two weeks. All of the teachers are, mashallah, amazing in their own right and i can say that from being around them before. But i specifically wanted to recommend Ustadah Eiman Sidky. I had attended her class on the seera of the prophet Mohammad sallalahu alaihi wassalam and subhan allah, i have never had seera in that manner. It is as if she has been there and is narrating what she has just experienced. I think i don't even have the words to describe the way she brings the blessed seera. You just have to attend it to experience it.

Tawfiq inshallah,


For tickets, either:

CALL 510-868-8318 where you can leave a message and an event organizer will return your call.
EMAIL You can also reserve your space by emailing programs@therahmahf oundation. org. Please provide the names of attendees and contact information, along with attached registration form.
MAIL Send your registration form (attached) to:
Rahmah Foundation
21001 San Ramon Valley Blvd., A4-186
San Ramon, Ca 94583

The Rahmah Foundation is an independent, educational organization that is committed to continuously designing retreats and educational programs that will address topics unique to Muslim women. Through the centuries, Muslims have preserved and protected the Quran and Sunnah through the rigorous Ijaza system of scholarly licensure and certification. The Rahmah Foundation realizes the critical need to safeguard Islam from extremism and deviation and thus commits itself to selecting thoroughly qualified teachers--women who have studied and trained to meet exact criteria in both their knowledge and practice--to disseminate sacred knowledge to the rest of our sisters.

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