Friday, January 22, 2010

Natural Childbirth in Islam Series: Irvine, CA

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

Please mark your calendars!!

The Rahmah Foundation proudly presents:

A Four Week Mini-Series for Sisters
Ustadha Shamira Chothia Ahmed!!

Natural Childbirth in Islam
Mondays, Thursdays @ 6:00-7:00pm

January 4th, 11th, 18th, 28th, Feb 4th, 2010!!

At: Islamic Center of Irvine (ICOI) Masjid
Upstairs sisters' classroom

IRVINE, CA 92620

In this four week series, Ustadha Shamira Ahmed will be covering what natural childbirth is in our Islamic tradition, touching upon pregnancy exercises and du'aas, relaxation techniques during labor, good nutrition, stages of labor and delivery and much more! This class is open to all sisters interested in learning about pregnancy, delivery and what our Islamic tradition mentions regarding this beautiful stage and experience in a woman's life. Everyone is welcome to attend! Sisters only!

Class 4: Thursday, January 28th:
Topics to be covered, inshaAllah:
  • Releasing of fears, increasing confidence & trust in self & in our Creator (s.w.t)
  • Stages of Labor - emotional/physical indicators
  • Relaxation positions for first stage
  • Second stage of labor discussion
  • Mental/physical/emotional relaxation
  • Birth Plan preferences
  • Reflection/Du'as

Class 5: Thursday, Feb. 4th:
Topics to be covered, insha'Allah:
  • Post-natal care
  • Sunnahs of birth
  • Breastfeeding in our tradition
  • Practical tips
  • "Best Gift to Baby"
Class 6: Thursday, Feb. 11th: TENTATIVE (if needed)

Please remember us in your du'aas

Jazakum-Allah khayrun and please spread the word!!


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM


    I hope you are well. Will you be so kind to send me your programme of your Natural childbirth.
    email is
    Look forward to your reply.


  2. Dear Sister,
    As Salaam alaikum
    My name is Yvonne Insh (sister zaynab)
    I am a retired UK mdiwife, trainee doula and an IBCLC. I am now trying to set up classes/discussion groups inspire and support siters in natural childbirth and breastfeeding in the islamic tradition at the Al-Muntada Al-Islami TrustAl-Muntada Al-Islami Trust london been able to find loads of resources for non muslim community but very little appropriate for the muslim community eg childbirth relaxation tapes and scripts without music. would you be willing to share your lesson texts/curriculm and any other learning resources from your Natural Childbirth in Islam mini series? I would be happy to pay for any fees for resources and copywrite. Sister I am new at this so please forgive me if I am approaching you in a wrong manner.
    your sincerely,
    yvonne insh

  3. Asalaamu alaykum! Is there anyway I can Skype in or get recordings of this series? Alhamdulliah I am recently pregnant and looking for a class just like this.

  4. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Salam alaykum, I live too far to attend the classes (UAE...) but I very happy that finally some sisters took the time to educate their sisters in natural childbirth in Islam. Unfortunatly it is very rare. Please is there a content of the classes in articles that I can read?
    Thank you

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I know this is 5 years ago, any online books/resources that can be is still needed n crucial for the muslimah