Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrate Mercy, Celebrate our Prophet (saw) - Year Round insh'Allah!


A good article just to remind us
not to do extra acts in this month (i.e., seerah readings, salawaat etc) thinking there's more reward for this month, more virtue, etc. or restricting it to this month. Check your intentions! Click here to read.

Also, Mufti Taqi Usmani mentions there is difference of opinion on which day the Prophet (saw) was actually born (some say it was the 9th of Rabial Awwal, others the 12th) and that we don't celebrate birth or death anniversaries.

The reason I'm sending it is b/c of a sister's question on which days to specifically fast this month and with which niyyah - to which I reply: there are none! (
besides the sunnah year-round fasts of fasting Mondays, Thursdays and the 13,14, 15th of each lunar month) and Allah knows best

(on the other hand, its always nice to celebrate mercy!! In and out of Rabial Awwal, inshAllah! See below :))

February 25 is a live webcast celebrating the life and character of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Please forward widely! Register at

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