Thursday, November 02, 2006

Attn: Hijabis/Niqabis!!

This is an email I received. It is still being verified, but there is good advice/precautionary measures prescribed that all Muslimahs can heed, insha'Allah.

Salam `alaykum everyone,
I just got some VERY serious and VERY scary news:

"Just learned from a well known Muslim social worker, Nabila Mango, that a Muslim female Yemeni who wears hijab has been missing for two days in San Francisco . They believe she was abducted. The situation has started a scare in the City where many Muslim women in hijab are not going out. This happened outside of the Tenderloin area so it may not have anything to do with a hate crime but no one believes this. The woman has two children and is 5mos pregnant. The police have no leads at this point." (Maha ElGenaidi--ING)
May Allah (swt) protect this sister wherever she is and bring her back safely to her family soon. AMEEN. Ya Allah, those of us who wear hijab or niqab must take SERIOUS precaution during these very dangerous times. I am so troubled, as I'm sure all of you are, by this news as well as the recent tragedy of sister Alia (Allah yarHamha). I feel it is IMPERATIVE that we start a major campaign to hijabis, and all identifiable Muslim women, across the Bay Area that they need to take EXTRA measures to safeguard themselves.
Here are some tips that I've come up with:

1) DO NOT go out at night, and if you must please do NOT go anywhere ALONE.

2) DO NOT draw any attention to yourself, especially by driving with loud music (or quran, nasheeds, etc). Or keeping your window open...CLOSE your windows whenever alone.

3) DO NOT talk on the cell phone while you drive at night, be vigilant about your environment at ALL TIMES. Talking on the cell phone will distract you from the person stopped next to you at the red light or someone who may be following you. Check your mirrors frequently and if you notice ANY hostile behavior from another driver, DO NOT drive home. Rather, go to the nearest well-lit public place you can find and immediately call the police.

4) DO NOT park your car, whether it is at a shopping center or in a housing area, far from where you are going. If possible wait for a closer space OR (if going to someone's house) call someone (preferrably a male) to come and meet you in the parking lot and walk you inside.

5) INVEST in a pepper spray PLEASE. They are only $4.99 (or something like that) at Fry's Electronics and they attach to your keychain.

6) Walk all the way around your car and make sure everything is clear before getting in. And always LOCK your car doors, when you get out and when you get in.

7) And this last tip is of the UTMOST importance, PLEASEEEEEEEEEE by Allah (swt) I beg you to take my advice and invest in TWO very important articles of clothing. Just $20 could make a difference, please get these items NOW:
a) a BASEBALL CAP. These can be bought pretty much anywhere nowadays. I would suggest getting a cheap one from Walmart or any other such store.
b) a HOODED SWEATSHIRT (or hoodie) with a zipper in the front.
NO matter what your personal style (i.e. if you wear jilbab, niqab, abayas or if you wear western clothing) these two pieces are easy to put on and remove whenever you are out alone, especially while driving in your car. They will NOT cost you much and could potentially save your life. All you have to do is loosely throw the baseball cap over your hijab, without fastening the band in the back so you don't ruin your existing hijab and then wear the hooded sweatshirt and raise the hood over the cap. This is a matter of being as inconspicuous as possible while protecting the honor of your hijab. I do NOT suggest wearing any other types of hats as most can obstruct your view and could prove dangerous in other ways, especially while driving.

We have to act fast and take these precautions right away. Please sisters, do NOT become negligent or take these incidents lightly. We must act and act QUICKLY. May Allah (swt) preserve all of you and protect every Muslim, male and female, from the evils of this world.

We must work together and stand firm, proud of our hijab, and take preventative measures such as the ones mentioned above to protect ourselves. Please keep the sister mentioned above in your duahs...if I hear anything further I'll let you know as soon as possible!

Jazakum'Allahu khayran


  1. Sister, are you sure about the authencity of this news. Please let me know the source of this news. didn't find any reference to this on CAIR's website or ING's website. Please let me know if you can.

  2. Assalamualaykum Brother. Thanks for the concern. No, I am not sure about the authenticity but a sister who works for CAIR actually emailed me after receiving this and I gave her info of who had initially sent it out. They will investigate the matter. But this is something to be aware of, I felt. May Allah swt protect all of our brothers and sisters for this world and the next! Ameen. Was'salaam

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    While taking precautions is necessary, the appropriate response is not to hide under baseball caps and hoodies. Otherwise, the tips are all good, insha Allah.