Saturday, November 04, 2006

Du'aa! Amazing points!

Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah!

Today in our small online class with Mufti Abdurrahman, we came across a really interesting hadith related by Tirmidhi in his book of Da'waat. Basically: whenever a person feels an opening in their heart to make du'aa, the doors of acceptance, mercy or [the doors of] Jannah have been opened (for his du'aa). Subhan'Allah. Isn't that amazing?!

Another fascinating point is that when Ibrahim (as) as a 16 year old boy was about to be thrown into the fire kindled by his people, Jibra'eel (as) came to him and asked if he could do anything, and Ibrahim (as) replied "I do not have any need for you." Jibra'eel (as) responded "Then ask your Lord" upon which Ibrahim (as) poetically stated"Hasbi fi su'aali 'ilmuhu bi haali" (Allah Ta'ala's knowledge of my condition is sufficient for my du'aa) that Allah (saw) knows the condition of my heart, what I require and what I desire, thus there is no need for me to voice it to the All Hearer, the All knowing. And due to that yaqin and beautiful answer, nothing burned of Ibrahim (as) when his people placed him in the fire. Subhan'Allah!

From that there were different rulings/difference of opinions as to when a person should or should not ask Allah swt for personal (worldy) wishes, and the view that stuck out the most to me was that whatever du'aa contains something for the Haqq of Allah (swt), then ask your Lord in du'aa (verbalize it), but if it is for one's self, then it is loftier to remain silent and leave it up to Allah (swt).

This was studied in the end section of Mullah Ali al Qari's (ra) "Al Fiqh Al Akbar."

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