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Sleeping on the right-Side

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I found this article to be very interesting. It will, Insha Allah, increase and strengthen our Iman as we learn more about our Din and the Modern Science.
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Sleeping on the right-Side

Dr.Mohammad Nezar Al- Deker

When lying on the abdomen, as Dr. Attar says, a person will feel after a while short of breath as the backbones’ mass prevents the chest from contracting and then relaxing during inhalation and exhalation. Moreover this position leads to an obligatory bending in the neck vertebras. The resulting respiratory crisis results in brain and heart fatigue as well.

An Australian researcher noticed the increase in the likelihood of babies’ sudden death when they sleep on their stomach compared to those who sleep on one of the sides. It is inimitable that these modern studies agree with what our prophet said as narrated by Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him): “When the prophet (peace be upon him) saw a man lying on his front, He said (Allah and his prophet dislike this position in lying)” (Reported by Al-Tirmdhi)

Another Hadith is the one narrated by Abu Umama (May Allah be pleased with him) he said: “When the Prophet (peace be upon him) passed a man sleeping on his front in the mosque he said: wake up and sit as this is a diabolic sleep”

Lying on the back, on the other hand, causes the respiration to be through the mouth. Dr. Attar sees that the mouth opens up when lying on back as the inferior jaw relaxes.

However, the nose is the one prepared for respiration, as it contains hairs and mucous that act to purify the air entering during inspiration and as it has dense blood vessels that make the entering air warmer. Respiration through the mouth then makes the person prone to colds, especially in the winter, and also to gum dryness and its resulting inflammation. As well as it evokes potential situations of dissemble excess or gumic hugely. So these positions the jaw and uvula oppose the wideness of nose and prevents current of breath. So snoring will increase. Moreover, in this case, the person wakes up with an abnormal white layer covering his tongue and an undesirable mouth odour.

Sleeping on the left side is not favoured either, as the heart would be then under the pressure of the right lung, the biggest of the two lungs, and this would affect its contraction especially if the person is old. The full stomach which itself is under the pressure of the heaviest organ in the digestive tract, the liver, which delays its emptying, would also impose a pressure on the heart.

A group of experiments done by Galteh and Butseh found that the passage of food from the stomach to the intestines takes from 2.5 to 4.5 hours if a person is sleeping on the right side whereas its takes 5 to 8 hours if he is sleeping on the left side. Thus, sleeping on the right side is the correct position as the left lung is smaller than the right one and the pressure on the heart would therefore be less, the liver would not be suspended, and the stomach would be on it and so emptying its contents would be quicker. Moreover sleeping on the right side is one of the best medical interventions to facilitate the excretion of the mucous secretions of the left respiratory bronchioles.

That is what was said by Dr. Al Rawi who added that the reason for the expansion of the airways in the left lung and not the ones in the right one is that the right lung’s bronchioles are laterally positioned to a certain extent, whereas the ones in the left lung are vertical and so it is harder to push the secretions upwards to be excreted. This leads to their accumulation in the inferior segment, leading to the expansion.The symptoms at this stage is excessive phlegm discharge in the morning which may exacerbate and lead to serious illnesses such as lungs’ apse and urinary disease, and one of the most modern treatments for those cases is sleeping on the right side.

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