Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keeping up the Ramadan Spirit! THIS THURSDAY 9/1 (Sisters Only)!

As-salamualaykum wa rahmatullah
Dear Rahmah Sisters!

We pray that you all had a wonderful Eid and are still in the Ramadan spirit of increasing in good works!

We spent several classes in Ramadan discussing how to keep from backsliding during Ramadan.... but what about after Ramadan? It's about that time when Eid celebrations are coming to an end and you're faced with the sad realization that Ramadan is really over! As you look back at the hard work and worship you put forth last month, you start worrying about keeping up the good habits you've formed! If you feel like this right now, please join us for a wonderful and motivational talk by Ustadha Shamira THIS Thursday, Sept. 16th about how to keep up the Ramadan spirit and how to make the most of this blessed month of Shawwal!

The Rahmah Foundation Proudly Presents:

Keeping up the Ramadan Spirit!

A Sisters' Only Post-Ramadan Motivational Talk!
with Ustadha Shamira Chothia Ahmed

“Whoever fasts Ramadan and follows it with six days from Shawwal it is as if they fasted the entire year.” Muslim

When? Thursday, Sept 16th at 12:00pm Noon PST / 2pm CST/ 3pm EST
Email: to register!

Ust. Shamira will speak about:
  • The 6 fasts of Shawwal
  • Staying Motivated post-Ramadan
  • Updates on Rahmah courses and seminar offerings
  • Du'aa
We also hope that you are partaking in our Rahmah monthly Qur'an Khatim and group Du'aa! To register, please scroll down for the link to the Shawwal (Sept-Oct) khatim. Deadline to complete recitation: Oct. 9th:
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