Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Remembering Farhana's words (may Allah have mercy on her soul)

Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullah

How time seems to fly... it has already been a year since our beloved sister, Farhana, left this world for our more lasting abode. May Allah (swt) grant Aunty Rabia & Uncle Moosa, and all the loved ones, increased patience, contentment and proximity unto Him. Ameen.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rabia Lunat

Our dearest daughter Farhana's departure from this world was marked by
her special emphasis on the following advice given to us and to
everyone dear to her heart! I feel compelled to address it and not let
it pass in vain.

1. "Be GRATEFUL to ALLAH (SWT) and always count your BLESSINGS!". The
same way its emphases in the Quran 27:40, "And whosoever is grateful,
truly, his gratitude is for (the good of) his own self, and whosoever
is ungrateful, (its only to the loss of his ownself) Certainly! My
Lord is Rich (free of all wants) and Bountiful.

2. Farhana often said, "BE CALM, CALMLY WILL BE THE KEYWORDS!" This
phrase gets its wider meaning in the hadith of our beloved
PROPHET(SAW), "To act in a calm and collected manner is from the Side
of ALLAH, while to act in haste is from the side of satan." May ALLAH
grant us all HIS divine gift as well!

3. Farhanas last piece of advice was, "Mom dont cry for the rest of
your life!.....instead share and spread this lesson to the rest of our
dear family and friends. CHANGE and get closer to ALLAH (SWT), for no
one has time". Coincidentally, the slogan on her bedroom wall always

This is the legacy, our dearest daughter Farhana; fulfilling the
rights she owed to others and never expectingn anything in return.
Described as "down to earth" and "sensible", she always made others
more important than herself. She did so because ALLAH gifted her, as
HE does with HIS most beloved servants, with a keen sense of what
actually matters in life—and at the end of life. We thank ALLAH for
each and every moment of Farhana's company. HE mercifully gave to us.
We pray that HE increase our resolve to adopt lifestyles like hers
whose Qibla was the Aakhira. We pray that HE REUNITE us all in the
highest station of Jannatul Firdaus!. Ameen

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