Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Allah's Special Selection

An excerpt from
Ramadan Nights : Laylat el Qadr: The Night of Power
By Amr Khaled

He chose from all the nights, one night, which he called Laylat Al Qadr. Not only that, but he chose the people who accomplish this night. The angels which come down on this day were chosen above the rest to come down on this night. This is what I wanted you to feel, that you wish it to be you.

Now to us, there are so many things He selected you with. First, He chose you out of the millions of creation and made you a human. Sometimes when one is walking along you see a lonely dog and you may think…I wonder, who knows…He chose me to be a human. And He selected you to be from the nation of Mohammad (PBUH). And he selected you from all those millions to be able to read Arabic while others can't read the Qur'an. Then He selected you and made you able to pray, and cry at the humility to Allah. Then He selected you again for praying in the mosques, or wearing the veil, or learning more about your religion. Then He selected you again to know about Laylat alQadr. Look at how beautiful being specially chosen by Allah is. An example of the feeling of being selected like this is like when you admire someone so much, and everyone is looking at him but you are standing far away, then he looks at you and calls you over and gives you his phone number saying let's keep in touch. Then you call him but you think he's not going to answer but he does, and you increase in happiness that he chose you. Then he says come even closer to me and work with me. In this world, if someone famous does this with you and brings you closer, your heart will be filled with happiness. Allah is letting you come closer on this night! Why don't you present yourself to Him? How? By 2 prostrations in the night, with strong prayers from your heart, with a heart filled with humility, with a gaze you are averting. "Please Allah, choose me more and select me with this night."

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