Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tips for Fajr/Tahajjud!

Assalamualaykum Wa Rahmatullah!

I pray everyone is in the best of every state, having the himma to continue the increased 'ibadah from Ramadan. Subhan'Allah. Well, to start off Shawwal I thought it would be great to post tips on how to wake up for Fajr (and especially Tahajjud because that salaah is of utmost importance to the one who is striving to gain Allah swt's Nearness, insha'Allah)

I pray it is of benefit. Let me know of any other new and exciting suggestion(s) that you can come up with..

Tawfiq, insha'Allah!

Tips to help you wake up for Fajr (and Tahajjud!), Insha'Allah:

1. Keep Away from Ma'aasi (acts of disobedience).
2. Avoid eating too much food.
3. Drink one or two glasses of water before going to bed.
4. Perform Wudoo (ablution) before going to bed.
5. Go to bed early.
6. Make intention in your heart to get up for Fajr/Tahajjud.
7. Set your alarm.
8. Establish Fajr/Tahajjud wake up calling system with family and friends e.g. friends/family members calling, texting etc each other to help one another wake up for the prayer.
9. Say prescribed supplications (dua) before sleeping
10. Once awake, do not linger lazily in bed.
11. Go to your local masjid to pray

Also... one thing that helps that I do when I study late, or am up until the early morning, is to put my alarm clock (which is very loud) in the bathroom... thus forcing me to get up to go to the bathroom to shut it off. While you're in the bathroom, just splash yourself with water and voila! You are awake and ready for Fajr.

Okay... so you dont have to do the splashing part, but try it.. it works Inshallah.

And the above 2 advices above about staying away from sins and sleeping early is very important. It is from the Rizq (provision/bounty) of Allah that He allows you to get up for Fajr and especially Tahajjud, and when you start sinning He may deprive you from turning to Him at Fajr/Tahajjud due to your sins and having turned away from Him. May Allah swt protect us all and grant us forgiveness and abundant tawfiq. Ameen!

ps. Do NOT sleep after Fajr!


  1. Ismail6:55 PM

    The method that works best for me is a low voltage electric wire attached to my toe ...

  2. Sadia9:34 PM

    I found that this really works...right after Isha, make a duaa to Allah asking for Him to wake you up at the exact time of Fajr so you may worship Him, and if
    the dua is from the bottom of your heart, then you will wake up about 2 seconds before your alarm clock starts ringing...thats how I get up in the morning, from the power of duaa.

    Also, if you have a cell phone alarm and a normal alarm clock, place them in two different places FAR from your bed, so that once they both go of, you have to walk a distance to turn them off, and then there is no point in going to sleep, because some people don't have a bathrom attatched to their room, or it may not be loud enough,

    just some tips...hope i helped :o)

  3. Alhamdulila I'm not a deep sleeper so I always hear my alarm on my fone.

    when i sleep really late...dont ask!

    keep the ideas coming in, can be very useful.

  4. Jazakallah for this useful tips.