Friday, March 30, 2007

Our Blessed Prophet Isa (as)..Action Needed!

Update: The exhibition has been cancelled!

Assalamu alaykum

As we approach the day when our Blessed Prophet Muhamad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam was born, and many will increase their rejoice of him being sent to us, we must also turn to another very important matter; Preserving the sanctity of all our Prophets.

I was shocked to read on BBC news that a New York art gallery housed in the Roger Smith Hotel will be presenting a sculpture, on Monday April 1st, made from chocolate of our Blessed Prophet Jesus alayhis salam ( The article points out that this will be the first time the depiction of Jesus alayhis salam will be done without a loin cloth. In other words, a nude statue of our Prophet Jesus alayhis salam. To add injury to insult, they will invite the public to eat the statue on Good Friday.

Muslims have come out by the millions to protect the dignity of our Prophet Muhammad whenever the corrupt people throw their insults. We have affected the economy of a small European nation through our boycotts. We have even stood up when some intended good, but lacked proper respect. An effigy of the Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam put on a United States Supreme Court building COMMERATING the GREAT lawmakers in history had the face blotched out because the Muslims said it was a desecration. We must continue our unwavering protection for his dignity using all permissible (in the Shariah) and legal (in the countries we reside in) means. We must also stand up whenever any other Prophet of God is treated in an unacceptable way.

Many of us read daily the last verse of the Chapter of Baqarah, reaffirming our beliefs. In it we proclaim that "We do not distinguish between any of His [God's] Messengers". This means that we do not consider some to be Prophets and deny the prophet-hood of others. In the same light, we do not protect the dignity of some Prophets and not others. We stand up for the sanctity of all the Prophets of God alayhimus salam.

We have seen the desecration of our Prophets upon them be peace too many times. The only ones standing up to protect the sanctity of Jesus peace be upon him are usually the Christian or Catholic groups. The main group standing in this case is the Catholic League. They are voicing their beliefs and calling for a boycott of the hotel housing the gallery. Catholic League spokeswoman, Kiera McCaffrey, said that "no one would dare display a naked chocolate Muhammad during Ramadan, but Christians apparently are fair game." The Christians stand up for him because he is sacred to them. He is also a Prophet of the Muslims and we must be the first to stand up for his protection in whatever legal way we can. We have the blessing here in the United States of free speech and the right to assembly. We must use our rights now. We must be protectors for our Prophet Jesus peace be upon him like those he called out to saying "Who will be my protectors?". We must be Ansar, protectors and do what we can to protect him.

There are things that every Muslim can do, we must act quickly as the unveiling is on Monday April 1st.

The first is pray that Allah foils the plans of these corrupt people and prevents the display of the sculpture. O Allah veil our beloved Prophet Jesus alayhis salam just as you veiled him from those who intended to crucify him!

Secondly, pass this e-mail to everyone in your address book and have them forward it to everyone they know.

Third, call the hotel and voice your anger at the display. The hotel has been amazed by the number of calls they have already received from angry people and are considering their options about the display. Roger Smith Hotel: 1-800-445-0277.

Fourth: For those in the New York City area, organize a peaceful protest at the hotel this weekend and during the week. Make sure to contact the local law enforcement agencies to ensure that you do not break any laws. The address of the Hotel is 501 Lexington Ave Manhattan New York.

Fifth: Contact all Muslim organizations and have them make announcements, especially during Friday Prayers on March 30, 2007.

And our success is from Allah.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatul Allah.

Rami Nsour
Hayward, California

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