Friday, March 09, 2007

The Prophet's Hands (s.a.w)

(taken from a CD by Dawud Wharnsby, he'll be coming for the WhyIslam Dawah conference on March 17th inshaAllah, for details:
It is said according to sound narrations
That the hands of Muhammad Upon Him be Peace
Were soft over the heads of children
The Prophet's Hands worked in the struggle for peace
Built places of prayer, held the sword of battle, and grasped
The hands of enemies with honor and goodwill and treaties of peace

The Prophet's hands dug the earth to bury the dead
And dug the earth to protect the living
His palms, smooth as silk, rejected the bribe of sun and moon
Remaining free and open to carry loads for neighbours, comfort his family
caress his wife, and jestfully covered the eyes of his companion
in a moment of marketplace merriment

The Prophet's hands were real
The Prophet's example was true
The Prophet's hands are gone
The Prophet's example lives on

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