Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You wrapping yourself! A reminder...

In the name of God, the Benevolent, the Merciful

You wrapping yourself,

stand through the night, except a little-

half, or a little less,

or more; and chant the Qur'an rhythmically:

for We will send you a weighty word.

Indeed, rising by night is most intense as a discipline,

and most appropriate

for receptivity to the Word.

You do have a long course during the day,

yet remember the name of God,

and devote yourself wholly to God,

Lord of the East and the West-

there is no other deity,

so take God as a guardian,

and endure what they say patiently,

and remain aloof from them

with a graceful detachment.

And leave Me to the scoffers who have comfort and convenience,

and give them a little time,

for We have fetters and fire,

and choking food,

and a painful punishment,

the day the earth quakes,

and the mountains too,

with the mountains turning

to disintegrating dunes.

We have sent you a messenger

as a witness regarding you,

as We sent a messenger to Pharaoh;

Pharaoh defied the messenger,

so We punished him severely:

so how will you be wary, if you scoff,

of a day that will make children grey,

and the sky split apart?

That promise will inevitably be fulfilled.

This is a reminder;

let whoever will

take a path to his Lord.

Your Lord does know

that you stand in vigil

nearly two thirds of the night,

or half or a third,

and so does a group

of those with you.

And God regulates

the night and the day,

knowing you won't calculate it,

thus letting up on you.

So read as much as is easy from the Qur'an.

God knows there will be those among you are who are sick,

and others traveling the land

seeking the bounty of God,

and others fighting fo the sake of God:

so read as much of it as is easy,

and pray regularly and give alms,

lending a good loan to God.

For whatever good you advance

for the sake of your souls,

you will find it with God,

who is best and greatest in recompense.

And seek forgiveness form God,

For God is the epitome of

forgiveness and mercy.

*** 73: Surah Muzammil ***
translation: by Thomas Cleary

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