Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Angels of Dhikr

Whoever has attended any of my halaqas or classes should know this hadith well, insha'Allah:

Almighty has angels who roam about seeking the people of dhikr (remembrance of God).

When they find a group doing dhikr of Allah they call to one another, 'Come to that which you have been seeking!' And they beat their wings and fly up to the nearest heaven. Then their Lord questions them - and He knows better - 'What do My slaves say?'

'They glorify You and proclaim You great, praise You and magnify You.'

Then He says, 'Have they seen Me?'

Then they say, 'No, by Allah, they haven't seen You.'

Then He says, 'And how would it be if they did see Me?'

They say, 'If they did see You, they would be even stronger in worshipping You, stronger in glorifying You, and stronger in magnifying You.'

He says 'And what do they ask of Me?'

They say 'They ask You for the Garden.'

He says, 'And have they seen it?'

They say, 'No by Allah, they have not seen it.'

He says, 'Then how would it be if they had seen it?'

They say, 'If they had seen it, they would be all the stronger in their striving for it, stronger in their seeking it, and stronger in their desire for it.'

He says, 'Then from what do they seek deliverance?

They say, 'From the Fire.' He says, 'Then how would it be if they saw it?'

They say, 'If they saw it, they would be the stronger in their flight from it and stronger in their fear of it.'

He says, 'I call to witness that I have forgiven them.'

One of the angels says, 'Among them is so-and-so, and he is not one of them. He has only come for something which he needs.'

He said, 'They are companions of whom it can be said that no one who is their companion will be wretched.'"

(reported by Abu Hurayrah: Bukhari, Muslim)

reference: The World of Angels, by Sheikh 'Abdu'l Hamid Kishk

Emin Mosque, China
Image Source: Flickr

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