Monday, August 14, 2006

Aquafresh Mixed with Meat?!

SubhanAllah! I was completely shocked today to find out that numerous, common household names use animal derivatives in things that should be animal-free! Toothpastes, shampoos, deodorants are just a few. I don't know why the vegetarians of America, let alone the Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists don't kick up a fuss.

My quest to find out the truth started yesterday when I decided to search the 'personal care items' on the Muslim Consumer Group website.

Most of the toothpastes read "made from animal derived products" so I thought I might as well call the Aquafresh company up myself because it didn't seem like it could be true. After holding on for quite some time the operator answers and I ask "Hello, I was wondering if your Aquafresh Extreme Clean contains any animal products or by-products?" After less than a second, and without hesitation or sounding apologetic, she responds: "Yes, all of our toothpastes contain animal derived products....except one: Aquafresh CAVITY protection in the squeeze tube." I was taken aback. I asked "What kind of animal by-products do you use?" She replied "Beef" and I semi-hopefully asked "Is it at least kosher beef?" from which she quickly replied in the negative. Subhan'Allah (!!)

What I can't believe is that this information has not spread like wild fire. Where are the concerned Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Vegetarians of America? If England and South Africa can have a vegetarian and halaal certified council that stamps each and every food and personal care product, why can't America--the country that is supposed to be the "leader" in technology and in every field ? If we are trying to minimally claim that title, we should at least start progressing in the sphere of our daily lives. If not, we may all be labelled as "the melting pot civilization that prefers meat in its toothpaste" May God save us all.


New Info: A friend called the AIM and Crest companies and found out the following toothpastes are fine to use:

Okay to use- No animal by-products or alcohol in them:
Crest Anti-Cavity Regular Paste
Crest Cravity Protection Cool Mint Gel
Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste
Crest Cavity Control Icey Mint Strips
AIM (Gel or Paste) toothpastes


  1. Thats weird. I had called Aquafresh and told told me that all may have animal by-products except the "Aquafresh CAVITY Protection, the squeeze tube, not the hard case".

  2. Jazakallah khayr, brother. I changed my post from "fluoride protection" to "cavity protection." The operator did mention "cavity protection" but also mentioned it being the original Aquafresh, so I figured she meant the fluoride protection since I could not find the "cavity protection" version anywhere. Allah knows best...I think I will just avoid all Aquafresh toothpastes...what a headache!