Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Haagen-Dazs?! What next??

The latest info I found out today: Besides possible Baskin Robbins and definite Krispy Kreme Donuts, Most Nestle ice creams contain alcohol in flavourings, too!

(June 1, 2003) A concerned Muslim has tipped off about
the fact that the flavourings in the majority of Nestle ice creams in
Canada contain alcohol. Nestle has confirmed that all their ice creams
in Canada (including Häagen-Dazs) have alcohol present in their
flavourings, except for Nestle Parlour "Chocolate". While
is planning to review with scholars the issue of alcohol in flavourings
in the near future, it is still suggested that products containing even
small amounts of alcohol be avoided by Muslims. (Web posted 06.04.03 @
12.15 am EDT)

>> Nestle Canada : (800) 387-4636

In reply:

SubhanAllah...everything is tainted with haraam! Mufti Abdurrahman just went over a hadith with us in Bukhari saying something like "there will come a time when people will try to justify haraam things..such as wearing silk, alcohol, music, etc"..but then he said just because it is prevalent in society, it does not make it lawful. It's impermissibility still remains and we must try our best to avoid it..

May Allah Ta'ala help us! May we be of the people of taqwa in this life and rewarded in the next! I am still shocked that my toothpaste had beef products in it!!


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