Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Discussion topic! Re: Fasting

Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah!

Insha'Allah you are all well. A sister had a question (below), and I thought it would make a great discussion topic. We can share tips and encourage each other in our attempts to get closer to Allah Ta'ala. Please share whatever helpful suggestions you may have, insha'Allah, for the benefit of others (for example, I would think perhaps 'weaning' one's self off water during this month in preparation for the next? )

Any and all suggestions are welcome
. May it be of benefit to others in similar situations!

Jazakallah khayr!

Sister's q
I am trying to prepare for a successful Ramadan and I heard that I should practice fasting to prepare my body. I have done well fasting from food in the past; however, it is the water part that kills me. I am part camel. I wake up at 7am and by 9am I have a headache if I don't get my water. What should I do? I was advised to store up early in the morning. Do you know of any other tricks that will help me get through the day without? I appreciate any suggestions you have...

The punishment of involving yourself in the love of material aspects is the deprivation of true love for Allah Ta'ala

- Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra)


  1. A friend in medical school emailed this suggestion to the sister:

    You cant wean urself off of water!! lol sorry
    but what she can do is keep herself rehydrated during the non fasting times- So yes compensate it early by drinking a lot earlier in the night, avoid foods /drinks that would make you more thirsty. Ie. avoid salty foods, pickles, caffeine products(that makes you excrete more water) Also if eating a suhur (breakfast) try eating something with fruits (has a lot of water in it) and avoiding eating something that would make you want to drink water- sausages, olives, eggs with lots of salt :) (if you eat eggs be moderate in the amount.)

    I hope this helps? I'd want to talk to the sister to get an idea of her drinking habit and what she drinks. Pop makes you thirsty! it doesnt satisfy thirst.

    That's what I know about this

  2. Real quick: "wean one's self off of water" -- I guess I should've rephrased that! I meant get used to drinking less water, but even then it wasn't a great idea!

    Thanks for the correction, Hadele! :)

  3. Another sister writes:

    Asalamu Alaikum -

    Insha-allah, to "wean" off water, you might try implementing a different watering schedule, for example, for the next few weeks, and then through Ramadaan, start drinking a large glass of water at Maghrib, Isha, and before Fajr.. maybe your body can adjust to getting water at these times,rather than throughout the day, insha-allah...

    Good Luck...

  4. Nadia writes:

    To the sister who asked the question, try having a good amount of yogurt in the morning, inshallah this will help quench whatever thirst you may have during the day. This is something my mom told me to do when I told her how thirsty I get while fasting.

  5. ps Nadia continued with:

    Having yogurt in the morning at suhur may help relieve some of the thirst during the day also inshallah.

  6. A Physician writes:

    #1. Having lived and worked as a Physician in Saudi Arabia for a few years and fasting there during the summer months, I have personally experienced that partaking a drink especially made in Ramadan, called 'qamreddin' made from dry apricot paste helps one remain thirst-free through the fast

    This is available in any Arabic/Indian grocery store and is sold by the name 'qamreddin'.

    It is prepared by soaking the qamreddin sheet in water a couple of hrs before consumption, and blending it in a juicer; one may add sugar if desired (it already had glucose as an ingredient).

    Some even add walnuts/pine nuts. I dont.
    Just a glass of this drink in Suhoor does miracles, in terms of maintaining hydration.

    It must be something to do with the fruit...maybe it has some hygroscopic quality...whatever it is, Allah has Blessed us Alhumdulillah with this fruit and dates amongst others and let us all make use of these Blessings.


    #2. Try 'Rooh-e-afza' available (as a concentrate) in Indian grocery stores. A glass of this reconstituted drink in Suhoor is very helpful too.

    May Allah Help us with physical and spiritual strength to worship Him the way He wants us to. Aamin

  7. Anonymous2:00 PM

    As-salaamu alaikum sisters,

    I have a similiar issue with
    water while fasting. one thing you could do is drink a lot of tea during suhoor, not with milk. Just plain tea with a lot of honey, and no sugar. I've been doing that for about 3 years, and Alhamdulilah it's been helping me a lot. i drink
    green tea with honey, but i'm sure any kind is fine. also, try to read a lot of Qur'an and do a lot of thikr, because the tongue remains moist during the remembrance of Allah, as the prophet (pbuh) has mentioned.

    InshaAllah this helps,
    take care, wasalamu alaikum, sd

  8. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I'm not sure if this would help but maybe adding sports drinks like Gatorade or even childrens pedialight to your evening may help you keep hydrated throughout the day.

  9. Shabeena10:44 PM

    Assalamu alaikum dear sisters,

    Insha-allah, this finds you all in the best of Iman and Taqwa.

    Subhan-allah, when I read the question, it seemed as if it was mine :-) Anyway, for the last two years, I have been weaning myself off food and water gradually before the start of Ramadaan. So about 7 days before ramadaan, I will stop eating or drinking anything from after lunch to maghrib. About three days later, I start to skip lunch as well, but will drink water for another two days or so. Then I skip water totally after breakfast for another couple of days and then am ready for Ramadaan.

    My doctor recommended that I take 200mg Advil after eating a healthy Suhoor, something about an enzyme in Advil that blocks migrane. I did that last year and alhamdolillah, that made a world of difference. Alhamdolillah, I had to take Advil only for the first three days, after that, alhamdolillah, it was much much easier.

    So insha-allah, make lots of dua that Allah make it easy on you, wean yourself off water and food and take Advil for the first few days and Insha-allah, it will be easy....

    Salaam, Shabeena