Sunday, September 24, 2006

Marhaban Oh Month of Ramadan!

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

As'Salamu 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Marhaban, marhaban oh month of Ramadan,

Marhaban, marhaban oh month of siyam,

Marhaban, marhaban oh beautiful nights,

Marhaban, marhaban month of light,

Marhaban, marhaban days of Barakaat

Marhaban, marhaban nights of Rahmaat

By the grace and mercy of Allah we have lived long enough to see yet another Ramadan, how fortunate it is that we have been given the opportunity to be exposed to Allahs Rahmah.

Sha'har Mubarak! Below is a beautiful and blessed message by one of my teachers, Ustadah Nagheba (May Allah SWT perserve her). I thought I share it with all of you. May you find benefit in it.
Keep us in your prayers,

Umm Muhammad
Tonight the heavens have been flung open, the gates of Hell
firmly shut tight, the rains of Rahmah have begun pouring down upon our
cities, our towns, our homes, our hearts and our souls. By the grace and
mercy of Allah we have been given the opportunity again to free
ourselves from the shackles of the temporal world, from the chains of stress
and torment of the madness we find our selves in, to the peace and
tranquillity of eternal bliss. Ahhhh how the soul takes flight in this
blessed month to lands of serenity and joy, only a fool who’s self has been
consumed by this lower earth misses this opportunity to ascend the
ladder of proximity. Ya Allah let us not be fools but rather wise men (and
women) who expose ourselves to the lights of your promised kingdom.

It has also been related that in Ramadan there is nobody that prays except that for each prostration Allah writes for him a thousand five hundred good deeds and builds for him a house in Paradise made from bricks of emeralds and rubies. In another tradition it has been narrated that for each prostration in Ramadan Allah plants for one a tree that would take a traveller a thousand years to cross. Paradise from Ramadan to Ramadan renews and beautifies herself, and on it’s first night a breeze named matheera is released from under the throne of Allah, it blows upon the leaves of paradise and knocks upon paradises doors. A sweet hum is heard, all those who hear it have never heard such a beautiful sound. The Hur al-Ayn (women of Paradise) call out to Ridwan, the gatekeeper of heavens doors, what is this night, he answers this is the first night of Ramadan and the gates of Paradise have been opened for those fasting from the followers of Muhammed.

This is a month that both the body and soul are cured of worldly ailments, the body being purified by fasting from food and drink whilst the
soul is purified from that which distances one from the Divine -a bad thought, a negative comment, missing a prayer here and there, backbiting, slander, swearing- one may have fasted by staying away from food and drink but is stripped from the reward and spirit of the fast by involving oneself with such lowly endeavours

Tonight a caller has begun to call out, Oh you wanting good come forth, Oh you wanting evil stay away. Let us run forth and respond to the call before it ceases and the nights of Ramadan pass. Our hearts are but vessels that have for so long been filled with the troubles of this world let us free ourselves this month by diving into its sea of graces. Rajib cleansed our hearts through istigfar (repentance) whilst Shaban filled it with love of our beloved Prophet and longing to follow his sunnah, it is now time to fill these containers with love and longing for the Divine. Let us run out onto the fields of Ramadan and catch its intense rains of Rahmah, let us expose our hearts to pure intentions, righteous works and good actions. The ocean that prophets, great men and women once swam in lies wide open in front of us, let us swim as we have never swam before.

May you all have a blessed Ramadan.

When light engages the heart, it causes an illumation of the path,a purification of the consciousness, an enlightenment of the intellect and an establishment of the foundations of dhikr and shukr and of beautiful worship... Habib Umar Bin Hafiz

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